Sunday, October 14, 2007

Today was the Annual Chili Cook-Off at Church

Today our family enjoyed a fun filled day at the park with our church family celebrating an annual outreach program and competition, the Chili Cook-Off. It started at 2 pm and we got to see our care group leaders and the pastor of the church dress up in Scottish Kilts to kick-off the games. That was to say the least, very interesting! Games included an egg toss, a log throwing competition, a rock throwing competition, a pan throwing competition, and a yard ball game that I've never heard of but consisted of golf balls tied together and thrown around pipes. The kids had sack races and a catch your tail game. Then the eating began, every chili cook-off is very competitive. Guests are usually picked to be the judges, since everyone else would probably be biased as we show our sinful ways. After indulging in multiple bowls of chili, I still found our chili to be the best. (See I told you I was biased!) Then the football game began! The teams were uneven, but that's okay because I practically doubled in age against the competition. In the end it was a close match, but the team I was on won, and not just because I am old, but we worked together as a team and got it done!
Anyway, its late and I have to get to bed for work tomorrow. It's been a blessing getting to fellowship with our friends and family at Living Faith Church. We hope to see you there next year.

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