Thursday, November 22, 2007

100 Yards Out - First Day Hunting

Happy Thanksgiving! Today was my first day hunting. Gabe and I went out at 5:30 and was on the field by about 6:30. The sun rose around 7am and moments later here I am coughing up a storm in the woods. That was something I was not prepared for! I thought it would scare away the deer, but around 7:10 or so I so a flicker out the corner of my eye. On Gabe's side of the mountain was a deer, about 100 yards out. This is what I've been training for, 100 yard targets! I line up the deer broadside in my sights and was trying to get Gabe's attention to see if he could get the shot, it was his side of the mountain and all. No answer from gabe and here I am debating on taking the shot. What would you do if it was you? Take your friend's deer as your first kill, or let him take it? Well I was going to let him take it, until about a minute later when the deer ran off into the woods leaving neither one of us a shot. Later after leaving, I found out that it was a little buck, and Gabe couldn't get a shot from the angle he was at, and here I am trying to be the good guy and let him have it. Well now we know for tomorrow, if we get the shot, we take it. If it ends up with two bullet holes in it, oh well! Either way, I had a great time enjoying God's creation while watching and learning about deer. Maybe tomorrow, I can learn about the inside of the deer and how it tastes.
I hope everyone else is having an awesome day as well! Have a Happy Thanksgiving, and my wife posted before me because I was out "playing".


P.S. All hunting is done legally, with required licenses and permission from landowners. I don't kill for fun, but for food. If I made enough money to buy it from the store all the time, I would!


Mrs. David Hankins said...

Sorry you didn't get your deer today, my love. I'm sure you guys will do better tomorrow :D

I love you!!!

Steph B. said...

I hope you wait to find out what the inside of the deer tastes like AFTER you cook the meat :) hee hee

David Hankins said...

... but if you cook the meat, then you lose all the flavor!