Friday, December 7, 2007

How Can I Pray for You?

Last month (11-10-07), our pastor encouraged us to consider how to stir one another up to love and good works. (You can download the message by clicking here: Living in Light of the New)

Following that message, our care group had a fruitful discussion. We came to the conclusion that asking shallow questions of others (i.e. how are you doing?) tends to result in getting shallow answers from others (i.e. fine). Asking more thoughtful questions (i.e. how can I pray for you?), tends to facilitate deeper communication and thus, deeper and more Biblical fellowship.

Along those same lines, is an article by Don Whitney about asking people how you can pray for them and that question's influence on unbelievers:

Ask People How You Can Pray for Them

Thank you, Tim Challies for putting this link in your A La Carte section. Though simple, it is definately worthy of attention. Most of us want to find ways to share the Gospel with others but don't find the door open. Don gives us a great way to open that door!

So my friends, how can I pray for you?

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