Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Long Time!

I know it has been a long time since I have posted. Here's the scoop, I have finished up the two classes I was taking last semester and am currently working on my last class for my AS Science, Math, and Technology degree. It's a start toward a new career! So I have been working on getting my webpage back up and running. I took it down a year ago because of cost and upkeep time. I finally decided to mess with it again since I had a couple weeks off from school over the Christmas break. After messing with a few new programs I finally got it back up and running, this time using a Content Management System. Doing the HTML for the pages took up a lot of time, and that is what I don't have currently. So this new system is working, and I am using it to store all our new pictures. Of course I have password protected the new gallery, so you will have to inquire to recieve such permissions to access it. Feel free to browse the new Content Management System. As I get more time I hope to fill the site with useless knowledge and an area to store projects that I have worked on. Have a great and blessed day,


Hankins Family Website

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