Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Word About Seed Companies

A word about seed companies...they are not all created equal. While I haven't dealt with many seed companies, I have found one that I prefer above the rest. If you're not sure who you want to order from this year, I humbly offer this company for your consideration. Fedco, like many seed companies does not knowingly carry genetically engineered seeds. However, like most seed companies, they do purchase seed from companies who are engaged in genetic engineering. Fedco (a Maine-based company) sets itself apart by specifying supplier codes for each of their seed types. This enables buyers to choose whether they want to support: 1-small seed farmers, 2-family-owned companies, 3-domestic and foreign corporations not part of larger conglomerates, 4-multinationals not engaged in genetic engineering, 5-multinationals engaged in genetic engineering, and 6-Seminis/Monsanto varieties. Bottom line: it enables me to have a little bit more control over where my money goes and who I am supporting. I would much rather support a small farmer than a large company. I would rather not support any company that engages in genetic engineering because it goes against my convictions. It is also worth noting that Fedco has much better prices on organic seed than most of the companies with which I have compared them.

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