Sunday, March 2, 2008

Dinner with an Adult

Sometimes you don't realize the little things in life that you take for granted. David has been away all week for training in MD. I keep hearing about the places he's eating and the things he's getting to eat, and it kind of gave me the appetite to eat out (especially the part about not having to cook or clean up ;) So tonight, when the kids got up from their naps just a tad grumpy, David and I decided that a little change of scenery might perk them up a bit. David told me to invite another adult so that I would have help with the kids, but that didn't work out well last minute. Fortunately, God had the details all worked out. A friend was driving her boys home and saw me pull into the restaurant. She said eating out sounded like fun since her husband was at the Sportsman's Banquet and asked if we would like some company. What a blessing! Not only did I have help with the kids, but I also had some adult conversation for dinner which was a nice change from eating with toddlers all week (and I think they enjoyed having some other kids to eat with too ;). Thank you, Lord for your kindness!

I miss you, David!!! Can't wait until you get home!!


Steph B. said...

The "Big guy" misses the "Little Guy" too!!

(from steph) LOL

Steph B. said...