Saturday, March 29, 2008

My Deranged Sense of Humor

All week my darling husband has been working on a book report for school. Through it all, his only complaint has been a headache. I told him, "Maybe you need glasses." He finally called the doctor towards the end of the week who told him that he probably just had a sinus headache.

I came home from the greenhouse today with some Easter flowers...three hyacinths to be exact...they were 50% off! I bought two of them. The third was a gift from the owners because they just so happened to be giving away flowers to beautiful little girls and my daughter was along. Anyway...I was delighted to have the sweet smelling beauties around the house. The first thing I did when I got home was put one in front of my husband saying, "Smell this!" (With all the enthusiasm I could muster ;) He smelled it and said, "Ewwwww yuck, get that thing away from me." Unfortunately, his sniffer must not be as appreciative of spring smells as mine.

Needless to say, we were sitting on the bed this evening enjoying a bowl of ice cream, and I inhaled deeply to pick up the scent of the hyacinth across the room. I said, "Ahhh, that smells so good." David just kind of ignored me and continued enjoying his ice cream.

That was when I had my deranged funny epiphany which went something like this:

Me: "Honey, when did you start getting those "sinus" headaches? Was that about last Sunday?"

Honey: "Um, yeah, ever since last Sunday."

Me: "And honey, do you have them at work? Or just when you're at home?"

Honey: "I have them at night and in the morning. They wear off at work, and I'm fine most of the day. Then, I get them at night again."

Me: "Uncontrollable laughter."

Honey: "What?"

Me: "Uncontrollable laughter...uh, maybe it was that Easter Lily that I brought home on Sunday. Uncontrollable laughter..."

Honey: "Greeeeeeeeeeeeat."

Me: "Uncontrollable laughter...I'm sorry I didn't think of it sooner...uncontrollable laughter."

I guess you can tell that I've never had a sinus headache from an allergy...sorry honey :( I love you!!!

Now which room should I isolate my smelly flowers to??? :P


The Happy Housewife said...

Hello friend-
I read your comment on my blog and didn't realize it was you until I got to your blog! Too bad about David and the flower! Although I am laughing, just a bit! It was great to see you this weekend!

Steph B. said...

I noticed you had the flowers out on the front porch LOL