Thursday, July 17, 2008

Simplifying Wardrobe

Looking for thoughts...

I have managed to acquire a lot of hand-me-downs from others for the children. It has been very helpful, but I've saved almost everything from infant clothing on (which is still practical because I'm young and still bearing children...due again in August actually). However, I am aware that I don't need 15 pairs of pants per child per size. What are some guidelines you have used to decide what to keep and what to share with others? I haven't learned how to sew/mend yet so it is helpful to have a few extra outfits in case on gets damaged. But then, it isn't hard to come across hand-me-downs again if I'm running short. Thoughts anyone???

Thanks again!

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Debbie said...

I just ran across your blog, and love posts on simplicity! We currently have seven children, and clothes are one of our biggest complicators!

These are my guidelines for boys (since we have five); three play pants/shorts, two going-out pants/shorts, and one nice pair of church pants. For shirts, three or four play shirts, at least two going-out shirts, and two church shirts.

It's similar for my girls, except they wear mostly skirts and dresses.

We also keep many of our church clothes together in one place so that they don't get messed up, worn or lost before Sunday, and they're easy to find on Saturday night when we're preparing for Sunday morning.

We get lots of hand-me-downs, but I only keep what we need, and only items that are of a somewhat classic style.

Incidently, we attend Bethlehem Baptist where John Piper preaches.