Tuesday, October 7, 2008


So...I'm sitting here watching the debates with my husband...judging the candidates and criticizing them for continually not answering questions and simply slamming each other...then, the Holy Spirit convicted me...Didn't I just finish watching Paul Tripp expound on the importance of words? Didn't I just feel convicted about my own heart in the matter? I'm no different from these men. I love people and speak kindly to them when they are vehicles to help me get what I want. I speak unkindly to people when they are obstacles to what I want. It's what's in my heart because I love me. These men are just two sinners who need compassion and prayer...not my criticism. They need God's grace in the same way that I need God's grace...moment by moment. Please join me in prayer for both of the candidates. God is sovereign, and He directs the hearts of rulers for His glory! May God be glorified in this election season!

If you're interested in listening to/watching/reading Paul Tripp's message, you can download it here: War of Words: Getting to the Heart for God's Sake


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