Monday, October 6, 2008

What Was That Something?

Here's the answer to last month's color-combo question. I call it the Jet-Puffed-Marshmallow shirt b/c that's what all those colors together remind me of. I had to take the picture while my son was sleeping because I wasn't ready to open that package of marshmallows, and I knew that he'd want one when he saw them--lol.

Anyway...I've been asked for something of an update since my husband is getting out of the Navy, we were expecting our next baby, etc. We really didn't want to leave the area that we're in, largely because we have learned and grown so much from the church that we're a part of, and God in His kindness has allowed us to stay a bit longer. My husband was offered a job at the local bank in the IT (information technology) department. It is his dream job; he'd do it for free if he could. The pay is great for this area, and he'll be working with a lot of the people that we go to church with. Everyone is excited, except the people who wish they could afford to have David on their payroll :/ (Sorry Jeff!)

As for the newest member of the Hankins family, she is healthy and a joy and blessing to our family. She's starting to sleep six hour stretches at night, though she likes to stay up until midnight. I'm sure we'll get her to bed a few hours earlier before too long.

Well, I'm not too creative with this whole blog-posting thing, so that's all for now.


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