Friday, November 21, 2008

Some sort of productive...

For someone...

The day started with breakfast in bed...a bit less of a rude awakening than most mornings...oh wait...that's negative self talk. :/

The day started with breakfast in bed from the love of my life. What a gift! I think that was God's grace to me today. My kids really wanted to go out and play in the snow so I spent the morning figuring out which snow pants, jackets, etc. fit which kid, got everyone bundled up (I think that took an hour or so itself), and went outside to enjoy the frigid...I mean invigorating, weather.

Next, the kids wanted to come back inside because they were cold...go figure. So...we came back in, unbundled, and they sat down to watch a movie...while I put away all of the snow gear.

Somewhere between that and whatever I decided to do next...return a phone call perhaps...Matt decided he was going to cut Grace's hair (fortunately I got to him after the second cut so the damage isn't too bad). As I was surveying the damage, I realized that her hair had somehow gotten singed...maybe she got to close to one of the heat sources in the house?

Then, there was the lunch process which went very smoothly (praise the Lord). Again, I got to spend time with my handsome husband :D

After hubby left, I gave the kids permission to get a piece of candy out of my which point one of the kids peed on the floor (third time in two days!).

Which gets me to now...I took the morning off to play with the kids since our snow keeps melting and the rest of the day has been house is a disaster area...all I want to do is sleep...but first, I think I'd like to cry a little. Visions of hot chocolate, a book, and a coffee shop are not far from mind. Of course, that would be a lot self-serving. But I must say, I do see God's grace in the midst of my day...He enabled me to be gentle and kind to the little one who peed on the floor, and He enables me to serve even now...with joy in the midst of fatigue. I may be a bit emotional due to sleep deprivation, but I can see the rainbow in the midst of the rain, and I know that God is working out my sanctification in the midst of the mini-trials. Another day I'll look back with laughter on the events that brought about tears. What a kind God we serve!

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