Thursday, January 1, 2009

Search the Bible

During my normal course of searching the internet I found a really neat feature with using Internet Explorer 7 or Mozilla Firefox. I was doing my daily bible reading on the web ( and while I was reading I looked up to the top right corner and saw an orange glow on the search box down arrow.  I clicked the arrow and saw that listed was the ESV Bible. So I tried it out, I selected ESV Bible and searched for a simple word, content, and it found 25 verses in the Bible containing content. If you like it a lot you can click the drop down button and the third selection says "Add Search Providers" and when you highlight you can then select ESV Bible. That way you have the ability to search the bible at your fingertips. For those that use firefox, you can add the search feature as well, just go to the website and click the down arrow to the left of your general search box and select the "Add ESV Bible" listed second from the bottom. I hope everyone enjoys this as much as I did.

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Mrs. David Hankins said...

That's pretty cool sweetie...thanks for sharing!

I love you!!!!!!!!!