Monday, February 23, 2009


I told myself that I was going to have a super productive day today, but my two-year-old accidentally poked my eye this morning...hard. If you've ever experienced this, IT HURTS!!! All you want to do is keep your eye closed and go back to bed. But alas, four kids need my attention and direction so we can't do that. So...onward we to have a super productive day...with one eye :/ To God be the glory!


David Hankins said...

Hey Sweety,

Sorry I can't be home to help you with your eyeball, but I found something to help you while you are walking around one-eyed.

Assistance for the Seeing Impaired

Now all you need is a parrot and some crackers.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry your eye got hurt! That is difficult!!

Rose said...

Hope the eye is better.

Can you BELIEVE I found your blog!!!!!!!? Miracles do happen!