Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thirteen Things

Okay, I'm shooting for my very first Thursday Thirteen. Since I said I'd let people know what I was planning on planting this year, I figured that'd make an easy thirteen. Here goes:

1) Provider Bush Green Bean
2) Jackson Wonder Bush Lima Bean
3) Golden Gopher Muskmelon (and Schoons Hardshell Muskmelon)
4) Verona Watermelon
5) Laurentian Rutabaga
6) White Egg Turnip
7) Bronze Mignonette Lettuce and Pablo Lettuce
8) Golden Acre Cabbage and Danish Ballhead Cabbage
9) Mammoth Red Rock Cabbage
10) Cajun Jewel Okra
11) Garden Peach Tomato, Soldacki Tomato, and Goldie Tomato
12) Be My Baby Gene Pool Cherry Tomato
13) Genovese Basil

I have seed leftover from previous years that I'll also be planting, but these are the newbies this year. (Yes, I know the viability of previous years seed is not as good, but I have had success with many of them sprouting anyhow ;)

Have you tried any of these varieties? If so, what did you think? If not, what are your favorite varieties?

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Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

Welcome to the Thursday Thirteen! :D Are those the names of the actual plants? You will have to excuse my brown thumb abilities. I'm going to hopefully change that with planting a garden with my children this year. :D

petersonclan said...

Come Join our Garden Club at my blog on Fridays... we'll be sharing on what we are learning in our gardening adventures... Go ahead and link this post, then let us know your progress next week too! We just started it today, so you are not "behind".