Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Beware of Freebies

My friend has a blog with a couple other bloggers. On this blog, they routinely have a freebie roundup in which they list various free samples and the like. Unfortunately for my husband, I am a sucker for freebies (hence, my inbox is now swamped with spam ;) It seems a small price to pay for a mailbox full of goodies...most of the time.

You see, today, my husband called me to say, "Honey, do we REALLY need absorbent underwear? Why!?! Did you know that the kids are off of school today?" (Me-Uh, yes. Why do I need to know that.) "Because! They're all walking down the street as I'm carrying this huge pink and purple package that has absorbent underwear written all over it." (Me--ha ha, really! That is soooo funny! Well, you never know when you're going to need was free!)

So next time you order freebies...make sure you warn your husband...especially if he is prone to walk through a small town where everyone knows you...with the mail. Or you could just savor the free embarrassment and pray he isn't the vindictive type :D

(I love you, handsome!!!! I am sooooo soooooo sorry--rofl ;)

Here's the picture of the absorbent underwear package. It was a Pampers UnderJams sample-lol.

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