Saturday, June 20, 2009

Courage to Stand

Modestus: "I can take everything you own, exile you, torture you, or kill you."

Basil: "Is that all? Those things don't scare me."

Modestus: Of course they do. Don't try to impress me with your false courage."

Basil stepped forward and looked straight into his interviewer's eyes. "You cannot take from me what I do not have, unless you want these tattered rags I wear and a few books. You cannot exile me, because every land belongs to God and I am his guest no matter where he takes me. And torture!" Basil threw his hands in the air with a laugh. "Torture is nothing. Torture is the friend who delivers me to my Savior in death."

(Peril and Peace, pg. 125)

May God grant His believers courage to stand as strangers in the world!! May we count this world and the things within as nothing compared with the far surpassing greatness of knowing and serving the Christ who died for our sins!!!

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Judi Hankins Davis said...

May I ask David who their family researcher is? I'm working on the Hankins family line from VA/NJ and would like to know his lineage.

Thank you for your time-I could find no other way to communicate.

Judi Hankins Davis