Friday, December 4, 2009

Cost of Giving Birth

So lately I've been doing some number crunching as I consider various options for bringing our new baby into this world...not that numbers are everything...there are many other factors to consider, but numbers are more objective so I don't mind sharing that data ;)

These are the charges for Harrisonburg OBGYN, Labcorp, Rockingham Memorial Hospital, and Valley Children's Clinic (who sees the newborn in the hospital):

Harrisonburg OBGYN: $2,500
Initial Ultrasound: $ 165
20-week Ultrasound: $ 265
Lab work (minimum): $1,159
RMH Room Charge: $3,995 (1 day)
Pediatrician: $ 175

Total: $8,059

With the lab work, I have excluded many of the tests (i.e. HIV, many STDs, Triple Screen, etc.)

I've also had to factor in gas as I live over an hour away from the doctor's office. At 46 miles each direction, figuring about 20 miles per gallon, and current gas cost at $2.85, gas would cost $170.43. Not to mention other wear and tear including replacing brakes and changing oil as a result of the extra 1200 miles I would be putting on my vehicle.

So...with a 20% co-pay and gas, we have $1,822.23...add brakes and an oil change, as well as the other miscellaneous items that I haven't taken into consideration and you've racked up quite a bill. Note: this is not including any drugs...not for induction, pain killers, or anything. If they give you pitocin, pain meds (including ibuprofen), you will be charged extra for those things.

This is the first time I've had a co-pay so the data is very enlightening. Every hospital is different, but this is an approximate figure in 2009 for a standard vaginal birth with no complications at Rockingham Memorial Hospital in Harrisonburg, VA (pretty much the least expensive birth you can have ;). Hopefully, somebody else will find this helpful. Please share if there is anything that I have failed to consider as I am trying to get the most accurate figure that I can. ;)

(For those of you who might be wondering about Grant Memorial Hospital, I am still waiting on a return call to find out what the room charges there are, but so far, everything else is comparable (some things a little higher, some a little lower, but pretty much coming out the same in the end ;) It is a little closer, so mileage would be cheaper and there is no mountain so probably less wear and tear on your vehicle...but anyway, I'll let ya know what I find out there too ;)

Update: Never could get the data from Grant. Sorry folks!

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