Thursday, July 15, 2010

"Our Home Is Like A Little Church"

I just got my copy of this book from Westminster. It is precious! This book serves as a great reminder for dads to lead their families in the spiritual disciplines. One thing that makes it unique is that it uses the terminology "Pastor Daddy" which I think is extremely helpful. Many of us haven't been trained to think of dad in this way. However, I think using this language can be beneficial for everyone. I think it can stir fathers to realize their duty more fully and bring them to an awareness that they have to be reading and studying just as their pastor does so that they can lead and "feed" their families. I think this terminology also serves to challenge the family to hold daddy in high esteem just as we do our pastor(s) and leaders in the church as he is the pastor and leader of our home.

In closing, friends, if you have young kids around, you ought to consider purchasing this book. It is short, but the truths that it reinforces are essential. Just my two cents; this book is worth every penny!

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