Sunday, December 5, 2010

Book Review: God's Mighty Acts in Creation

God's Mighty Acts in Creation

Idolatry.  Few books written for adults go beyond the concept of worshipping images of false gods (i.e. the golden calf, Exodus; Baal, Artemis, etc.). Even fewer children's resources tackle the subject. While it isn't the primary purpose of Starr Meade's new book, God's Mighty Acts in Creation, idolatry is one of the many subjects that she explains in a way that young children can easily grasp without watering down the truth.

God's Mighty Acts in Creation goes through each of the days of creation showing how God created everything in nature to tell us something about Himself. What does light tell us about God? What does the grass tell us about God? God, in His infinite wisdom, created everything to declare His glory. Starr Meade effectively connects God's Word and the Gospel to many aspects of creation helping her reader understand many difficult Biblical concepts including idolatry; general and special revelation; God's holiness, wisdom, omniscience, omnipresence; our sinfulness and depravity, our need for a mediator, atonement, and many other things-especially God's character and attributes. While the publisher recommends this book for children ages 8-12, I found that my seven-year-old daughter thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from Starr Meade's writing. Each of the forty-five devotions within this book: begin with a Scripture, contain a two-page commentary, and close with a simple question and/or activity. The questions/activities at the end of each reading are easy but effective at  "driving home" the concepts about which Ms. Meade has written. God's Mighty Acts in Creation is a spectacular resource for parents wishing to help their children better understand how "The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork" (Psalm 19:1, ESV). I look forward to reading the volume to which this is a companion, God's Mighty Acts in Salvation.

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Trisha said...

We just started reading this in our Group Time. Wow! You get the greatest books to review. :) I'm looking forward, too, to reading the rest in the series.