Monday, January 3, 2011

Book Review: By Grace Alone

Do you find the grace of God astonishing and amazing or have you begun to take God’s goodness and love for granted? The goal of By Grace Alone is to help the reader see afresh the amazing nature of God's grace. This book is a helpful reminder of the truth of the Gospel. I found it easy to read yet thought-provoking, convicting yet encouraging. Here, for example, are some of the questions with which this book deals:

  • Do you deserve to go to heaven?
  • Must you strive to do better in order to be accepted by God?
  • What is your greatest need?
  • What does a relationship characterized by grace look like?
  • Does God want what is best for us? How can we know?
  • What is the cause of every failure in the Christian life?
  • Why is it significant that Jesus was charged with treason and blasphemy?
  • Why does the Christian no longer continue in sin? What does this mean? What are the implications of this teaching?
  • Why is grace so amazing?

I will not share how he answers all of these questions lest I discourage potential readers from reading the book for themselves. However, I will tell you how Ferguson answers the question, “What is your greatest need?” He says, "Your greatest need is to have your sin and your guilt exchanged for pardon and new life" (pg. 62).

Ferguson does not shy away from speaking the truth in love as he deals with these (and many other) topics as they relate to grace. For example, when writing about how we know that God is "for us" and how that knowledge shapes our actions, Ferguson states:

"After all, if you really believed that the all-kind Creator of the universe wanted to bless and enrich your life, would you not seek Him? For all their protestations that they believe in a God of love, deep down people believe the opposite. They fear that God is out to destroy their lives. They do not trust Him; they do not love Him; they do not obey Him; they do not worship Him; they do not want Him. They too [like Adam and Eve] have exchanged the truth about God for the lie" (pg. 96).

The grace of God is awesomely amazing; we cannot meditate on it too frequently. By Grace Alone is a great tool to help believers reflect on Scriptures about grace and understand them more fully.

*Many thanks to Reformation Trust for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion!

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Becky said...

Hello, sweet sister!

I read somewhere that you (I think) suggested the Fighter Verses for little ones to memorize Philippians. If it was you, can you link me to that page? I can't find it!

Thank you, and I am also very happy to know that you are in the P2R project.

May God help us to keep His Word in our hearts that we might not sin against HIM!