Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bible Study Review and Discount

Over the past several months, I have had the privilege of reviewing some materials from The GoodBook Company. One of these is The Good Book Guide to Biblical Womanhood which includes nine studies for individuals or groups as well as a leader's guide. This guide is excellent because it is Biblically faithful, short yet deep, and practical. Not surprisingly, this booklet is largely about our design, how we relate to God, and how we relate to others. It has some excellent application questions such as "How can I pursue true, unfading beauty for myself, and encourage others in that too?" (pg. 26).

One of the benefits of Bible Study is that often, Biblical truth is more readily assimilated when it is discovered as oppose to being taught. Don't get me wrong, these guides won't let you discover "your truth" while I discover "mine," but they will allow you to dig and ponder a bit before briefly expounding upon the truth of Scripture.

If I were using this book with a group of ladies, I would rearrange the lessons a bit as I would want to cover "Women and their Lord" before covering any other relationships. It is worth noting that this guide does include a lesson on marriage and a lesson on singleness and is equally applicable to both seasons of life.

This week is an excellent week to consider purchasing some of these materials as they are having a sale on all of their guides: 5 for $15. You could purchase a sampling of five different guides for personal study or consideration for a group study or order five of the same guide for your small group. Just use the coupon code 5FOR15 at checkout. May God use these studies as a means of grace in your life to make you more like Him!!


* Many thanks to Brad @ The GoodBook Company for sending me this guide in exchange for my honest opinion!

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