Wednesday, November 28, 2018

A Fever, a Flight, and a Fight for the World - A Book Review

A Fever, a Flight, and a Fight for the World: The Rwendigo Tales Book FourWhat is it like to grow up in Africa? That's what J.A. Myhre sought to depict for her children through her Rwendigo Tales. Originally written as Christmas presents, but now, a gift shared with a wider audience, Myhre shows rather than tells her readers what it is like to grow up in Africa. Her experience as a doctor who has served with Serge in East Africa for over two decades uniquely qualifies her to present the distinct challenges of those living in the African jungles. A Fever, a Flight, and A Fight for the World is the fourth book in her series, aimed at youth, which takes us on a journey with "A doctor volunteering in a village plagued by a mysterious virus...and a young girl...the only other survivor..." who find themselves on a deserted island. Each chapter leaves you wanting to read the next.

Like the previous title in this series, I thoroughly enjoyed A Fever, a Flight, and A Fight for the World over an afternoon and evening. Although it doesn't expressly tell how the Gospel makes a difference in the character's lives or how the Gospel gives hope to those facing sin and suffering, it lends itself well to that discussion. Myhre's writing continues to be engaging, wholesome, and age-appropriate while avoiding over-simplicity in vocabulary, plot, and conflict and is a thought-provoking introduction to life in Africa.

Book Synopsis from the Publisher:

A Fever, a Flight, and a Fight for the World is a compelling African adventure story that will enthrall eight- to fourteen-year-old youth who love adventure and learning about faraway places. In the exciting fourth and final book in the Rwendigo Tales Series, readers will be inspired by ordinary people who make the extraordinary choice to stand against great evil. Written by J. A. Myhre, a doctor living and working in East Africa, this adventure story teaches readers of all ages important truths about justice, overcoming evil, and the courage to make a difference.

In A Fever, a Flight, and a Fight for the World, A doctor volunteering in a village plagued by a mysterious virus wakes up on a deserted island injured, sick, and near death—with no memory of how he got there. As Dr. Mujuni slowly regains his memory, he pieces together the horrific reality of what happened to the community and learns just how far the government-backed officials will go to silence all knowledge of the epidemic. As a young girl named Nyakato, the only other survivor, nurses him back to health, Dr. Mujuni must devise a plan to make their way back to the mainland, but what they discover on their journey is even more dangerous than they could ever imagine.

Through a series of perils and hazards, Mujuni and Nyakato must fight for more than their own lives, learning the true cost of overcoming evil and greed. Through their adventures, readers will find hope in the midst of great loss, triumph and courage in the midst of death and injustice, and love in the midst of darkness.

*Many thanks to New Growth Press for sending me a complimentary copy of this book! This is my honest opinion.

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DrsMyhre said...

Hi and thanks for the review! Reading your kind words from Kenya, and hoping that this book and the others build empathy with the realities of life here. Thanks for reading.